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Speech & Myofunctional Programs?

The tongue is an organ, made up of many muscles and functions. One important function of the tongue is Speech. Forming sounds are compromised when the muscles of the tongue are not used effectively. Just like any muscle in our body when it's not used it will loose muscle tone and not work as effectively. Oral habits are formed from early infancy bottle feeding, soft baby foods, pacifiers all play a role in how our tongue muscles learn to function and work.

As a myofunctional specialist I evaluate medical and dental records during a comprehensive evaluation, develop a custom treatment plan that meets the needs of each individual for their optimal health!  The plan I create brings awareness to oral and facial muscles strengthening them to function how nature intended.  This brings balance and unhealthy routines are eliminated. 

Myofunctional sessions improves muscle tone which improves speech, however speech therapy is not my focus and referrals are made when necessary for sound development. 

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