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Cost of Orofacial Myology

How much does Orofacial Myofunctional programs cost? Depends on individual client needs. A full evaluation determines detailed treatment plan that is designed to benefit and restore proper muscle function. 

Detailed full evaluation identifies clients orofacial myofunctional disorder starting with initial oral motor experience in childhood infancy. This reveals individual challenges and ties it back to symptoms of clients concern for overall health and wellness. 


Orofacial Myofunctional Programs


FULL $2700

For clients with advanced or multiple orofacial myofunctional disorders, combinations of advanced orthodontics, airway issues, TMJ/TMD, tongue-tie, speech, sleep apnea, snoring. Includes 12 month unlimited sessions, usually 20-24 sessions.  

Payment plan $500 down, 6 payments $367 OR pay in full save $300


For clients with one orofacial myofunctional disorder, (tongue-tie, speech, TMJ/TMD, thumb/finger sucking, sleep apnea or snoring.) Includes 12 sessions, habit elimination, intensive phase, completed by final retention phase.

Payment plan $500 down, 3 payments $367 OR pay in full save $200



For clients who do not have advanced needs. Includes 8 sessions of intensive phase: resting tongue position, nasal breathing, lip seal, chewing, swallowing liquids and solids.

Payment plan $500 down, 2 payments $450 OR pay in full save $100


Children 2-5+ years. Includes 1 year program, 12 sessions (once a month). Instruction based exercises with parent participation is key to actively work with your child. Thumb or finger sucking habit elimination is included if needed. 

Payment plan $500 down, 2 payments $200 OR pay in full save $75

How is it Done?

Myofunctional Program is performed by a professional with advanced training in this specialty.  Based on individual needs, increasing muscle tone of tongue and facial muscles, most importantly focusing on four goals.

  1. Nasal Breathing

  2. Lisp Seal

  3. Tongue Position at Rest

  4. Proper Swallowing

Ideal swallowing pattern uses facial muscles and tongue which lead to an increase in muscle strength and coordination. 

The muscles of the face and mouth are designed to work together in a collaborative effort.  By recognizing an Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder early, you can help overcome hurdles and have optimal health!

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Client Comments on Therapy with Marie

I am a "graduate" of Marie's Myofunctional Therapy program, and what a great experience it was.  The exercises assigned to me each week were manageable and in fact I enjoyed the feeling of strength over the course of the therapy in my facial muscles, my tongue and my swallow.  I greatly appreciate Marie's expertise, patience, good humor and enthusiasm for my progress during these 11 weeks.  She took care explaining all aspects of the treatment and the goals of the course, an I am so glad to have improved my breathing habits.

Linda K, Ph.D.

"Marie coached me through a dozen sessions and is very knowledgeable about myofunctional therapy . She thoroughly demonstrated the exercises and helped me make a lot of progress during our sessions. My sleep has improved, and my old habits of tongue thrusting and mouth breathing are fading away. I would recommend her program to anyone interested in improving their health” Tony K,  Minnesota

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