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Pediatric Sleep Disorder Breathing

The questions below will help assess if your child has myofunctional disorders that is affecting their quality of sleep. Please look at the questions below and contact me for your free 30 minute evaluation.

Does your child:

  1. ___have trouble going to bed or falling asleep?

  2. ___awake during the night and trouble returning to sleep?

  3. ___tend to breathe with mouth open during the day/night?

  4. ___wake up with bad breath / dry mouth?

  5. Have you noticed your child while sleeping:

    1. ___snore/heavy/ loud breathing​.

    2. ___gasp, choke, or struggle breathing

    3. ___restless/agitated sleep

    4. ___grind teeth

    5. ___abnormal head posture

    6. ___excessive sweating

  6. ___have trouble speech R/S

  7. ___get a lot ear infections.

  8. ___wet the bed or have night terrors.

  9. ___difficulty school/hyperactive behavior.

  10. ___loud or messy eater?

My goal is to be your child's advocate in the medical community.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns. I use tele-health to provide therapy for my clients.  Convenient from your mobile device! 

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