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Tongue Tie

What Causes A Tongue Tie?

This tissue band below the tongue is a frenulum[1] and when the band of tissue is short the tongue has restricted movement. The tongue function being compromised also affects facial muscles, head and neck muscles, TMJ disorders, nasal breathing, posture, digestion, and sleep apnea, to name a few.

Common Symptoms 

Enuresis/ Bed Wetting 

Sleep Apnea

TMJ or clicking in the Jaw

Grinding Teeth

Headaches & Migraines

Neck, Back, & Facial Pain

Digestive Issues

Allergies & Sinus Issues

Cavities & Gum Disease (Periodontal Infection)

Choking on Liquids

Food Trapped

Food Texture Sensitivity

Speech Difficulties

Pain or Discomfort Kissing

Bladder Issues

Anxiety or High Strung

So What if Tongue is Restricted, What's the Big Deal?

A tongue tied down has limited range of motion. Not being able to move food around to chew and masticate properly.[2] This leads to food not being chewed enough and body works harder to digest. Aerophagia, swallowing of air causing gas, bloating, food babies, burping, and gastric distress. Digestive problems caused by improper swallowing influences dietary choices and gastric issues affecting general health. The facial muscles and cheeks are not being utilized properly in the chewing so they loose muscle tone and the face begins to elongate and “melt.”[3]

Where is your tongue now? Bottom of your mouth, between your teeth, up in the palate? When the tongue is restricted, or has low muscle tone it rests lows in the mouth. This is not where the tongue should rest. It needs to rest up in the palate, forming a natural retainer to keep your teeth aligned (why relapse in orthodontics, muscles were not adapted to new structure).  The tongue is also connected to the hyoid bone and the base of the skull. When the tongue is low and forward the mouth hangs open. This drops your head to tilt forward and posture is affected.  Now there is back and shoulder pain form the heavy head hanging where it shouldn’t.

Check Yourself

Open wide and see if your tongue can reach the most back sides of your last tooth in your mouth? Look in the mirror or take a picture to compare. Open wide as you can (snap a picture), now staying open as wide as you can put the tip of your tongue behind your front teeth (snap a picture). Now compare the two pictures, is there noticeable difference in the two?

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