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Tongue Tie

What Causes A Tongue Tie?

This tissue band below the tongue is a frenulum[1] and when the band of tissue is short the tongue has restricted movement. The tongue function being compromised by not reaching the palate during swallowing, which begins at 20 weeks in utero. Later in life restriction tongue will affect cranial growth and development, facial muscles, head and neck muscles, TMJ, nasal breathing, posture, digestion, and sleep apnea.

Common Feeding Difficulties Infants

  • Short, Shallow, Ineffective Latch          

  • Popping on/off, Sliding off

  • Prolonged feeding/falls asleep before satisfied

  • Unable to hold pacifier

  • Colic/Reflux

  • Sleep inclined (car seat)

  • Clicking sounds during nursing

  • Leaking milk out sides mouth

  • Choking, Gagging, Coughing, Loud Swallowing

  • Arching during feeds

  • Excessive spit up/drool

So What if Tongue is Restricted?

A tongue tied down has limited range of motion. Not being able to move food around to chew and masticate properly.[2] This leads to food not being chewed enough and body works harder to digest. Aerophagia, swallowing of air causing gas, bloating, food babies, burping, and gastric distress. Digestive problems caused by improper swallowing influences dietary choices and gastric issues affecting general health. The facial muscles and cheeks are not being utilized properly in the chewing so they loose muscle tone and the face begins to elongate and “melt.”[3] Alters facial growth and development, longer flatter facial features, developing narrow or bubble palate. Shape of palate is also floor of the nasal cavity, affects respiratory system. Affects quality of sleep, speech, picky eater, ADHD behavior issues, night terrors, bed wetting, crooked teeth, cavities, headaches, grinding, clenching...

Orofacial Myologist I help identify barriers proper muscle movement. Remediate, Refer, Repattern. My full evaluation is 90 minutes to observe muscle movement, identify limitations, support and educate dyad, referrals if necessary to benefit clients health. 

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