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Orofacial Myologist

Always a Mom First 

I have an entrepreneur spirit. I enjoy trailblazing in the mountains and my profession. Since 1999 I have been a dental hygienist in Washington State. 2004 graduated from University of Washington with Bachelor of Science in Business of Dental Hygiene. Over the years my roll has changed from working in private practice to an educator in Dental Hygiene Program, to mobile dental hygiene providing our communities affordable preventive dental care. 

My family is supportive in every endeavor I take on, even when it's least expected. While attending the annual Medical-Dental Summit I heard an orthotropic dentist discuss snoring is not normal. How facial development is affected by our tongue and swallowing incorrectly. He was describing my son and I had no idea my son had myofunctional disorders. This drove me to learn as much as I could in order to help my son, what mom wouldn't? 

Throughout my training I learned of my own myofunctional disorders. 

What I thought was "normal" aging (going to the bathroom during the night) is NOT "normal" at all. It was an indicator that I had early stages of Sleep Disorder Breathing. Had I NOT addressed my own myofunctional disorders it would continue to get worse, my health would decline and affect my overall health.

I have completed the therapy as well as benefiting from it!  I look forward to guide you through this as easy, convenient, and fun as possible. Let me Help You Become A Healthier You!

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Client Comments on Therapy with Marie

I am a "graduate" of Marie's Myofunctional Therapy program, and what a great experience it was.  The exercises assigned to me each week were manageable and in fact I enjoyed the feeling of strength over the course of the therapy in my facial muscles, my tongue and my swallow.  I greatly appreciate Marie's expertise, patience, good humor and enthusiasm for my progress during these 11 weeks.  She took care explaining all aspects of the treatment and the goals of the course, an I am so glad to have improved my breathing habits.

Linda K, Ph.D.

"Our experience with Marie was top-notch!  She was very responsive, quickly mailed out the materials for the therapy sessions to us, consistently contacted the additional dental and orthodontic providers with updates on therapy, and accommodated a difficult student schedule.  Her patience in therapy was well-noted, providing additional support and extra time to master the particular exercise before moving on to the next phase in treatment.  Therapy provided visible results quickly, and we are pleased with the results." Tamra A, Washington


"Marie coached me through a dozen sessions and is very knowledgeable about myofunctional therapy . She thoroughly demonstrated the exercises and helped me make a lot of progress during our sessions. My sleep has improved, and my old habits of tongue thrusting and mouth breathing are fading away. I would recommend her program to anyone interested in improving their health” Tony K,  Minnesota

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