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My Own Myofunctional

Rage in the Sage 2011, my first and only duathalon to date. Not a fitness buff by any means, but I enjoy regular workouts to stay healthy. I was not impressed with my fitness level for the time I put into the gym. I would run and quickly get out of breath. We would take a hike and be short of breathe before anyone else. Deciding it was age and allergies this was the new norm, afterall I got over the 40 year mark. But, once I began my journey to become a Myofunctional Therapist I realized some challenges of my own that I needed to overcome. As soon as I began any type of cardio my mouth would drop open. I started to pay attention more to my mouth and what I would do throughout the day, talking all day educating got me winded and tired. Having a mask on during patient care, I began to notice my mouth hanging open? What was I doing? As a dental hygienist Myofucntional therapy was never discussed. I should have been more aware of how my mouth was positioned after all I talk to patients about dry mouth daily. But it happens to all of us. Our bodies compensate and we adjust to bad habits overtime.

"Oxygen Advantage" by Patrick McKeown is a fascinating read. He goes over how we all over breathe and are unaware of how we are changing our bodies. Our bodies overcompensate and change our body mechanics when we breathe through our mouth. As I read this book I began to adapt to the suggestions he makes in the book. I couldn't believe the changes that my body had gone through. Taking his wisdom and as challenging as it was not running in a long time, I set off for a run only nasal breathing. Do you know how difficult that is? My nose got stuffy I had to blow it many times, but I kept breathing as best I could nasally. Sure enough I ran 4 miles and my muscles were not sore, I could have kept going but my time was limited.

I began this journey in Myofunctional therapy to help others become healthier, but the wonderful side effect is I am making myself healthier too!

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