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Mommy Myo Alter!

Family Camping

It's exciting when you gain knowledge and want to share it with everyone, especially your loved ones. When we pile into the truck and take our trips I read and talk myofunctional issues with my family. I want them of course to reap the benefits of better health! I will remind those with their mouth open to have their lips together or when I hear heavy breathing I remind them to breathe through their nose. I am always on mommy Myo alert!

Ever since I heard Dr. William Hang lecture about what simple steps we can take to improve our health, I implemented them immediately! His discussions brought awareness to my families snoring and breathing. Of course it wasn't me who had these snoring problems or was it? Waking up to snoring I would gently reach over and move my husband so he breathe normal. He always told me it wasn't him, but me, ha ha funny.

After we both downloaded sleep apps on our phones to prove whose the restless, snoring sleeper, I was flabbergasted! It was me, I didn't even realize I would drop my mouth open and breathe through it at night. (I will discuss mouth breathing another time.) I would wake myself up snoring and then since I was up would need to use the bathroom. Thinking I drank too much water and note to myself to cut back from now on before bed. Little did I know my sleep was being compromised, A LOT and I didn't realize it.

To get into a deep sleep and have your body adequately repair and regenerate itself nightly you need adequate sleep. We have heard this before, but what I didn't realize is when you breathe through your mouth your body doesn't get the oxygen supply it needs so you are depriving your brain of oxygen. This is just the beginning to unhealthy habits ahead in life.

So back to our family camping trip, we put out the campfire and all went to bed. One of us fell asleep quickly and the rest of us couldn't. You guessed it, someone was snoring. Ugh, how can we all sleep now in this tiny trailer? Well thanks to my preparedness I brought with me something I use nightly now, thanks to the snore app. I got the mouth tape out. Now at first when I heard about taping your mouth shut at night I was skeptical. The more I read about the health issues that arise from unhealthy breathing outweighed the fears I had about taping at night. To be honest we all slept soundly to the humming of the forest the rest of our vacation.

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