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Allergies & Nasal Breathing? How?

Allergy season is individualized at various times of they year, August is mine! Allergies have an effect on your breathing, usually congestion along with fatigue as your body fights the allergens. As a myofunctional therapist my main concern is the airway. The nose was designed to breathe through and the mouth was designed to eat and talk. Using the airway properly is how our bodies are meant to function efficiently. How then can you breathe through your nose when you have allergies and congested?

I am glad you asked! I have a nose unblocking exercise to share and it works wonderfully with no extra cost or additional medicine to take!

1. Try to blow your nose and get at minimal small air coming in through your nose. Inhale and on your exhale pinch your nose closed.

2. Hold your breathe as long as you can.

3. When you let go of your nose, breathe only through your nose, NOT your mouth.

4. Try this 3-5 times and your body naturally will unclog the nasal passage so you can breathe again.

Simple, easy, and affordable. We can live without food and water for days, even weeks, but we can't live without oxygen for more then a few minutes!

Contact me for a Free Assessment to Help You be a Healthier You! I use Skype and other telehealth to make it easy and comfortable!

Please share this with everyone you know, I am happy to help them.

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