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Sports Guards Need Lips Together

Sports guards protect teeth during contact sports. However, they do not always allow for lips seal to occur. So, what’s the big deal? Lips seal is one of the most advantageous engagements you can do while exercising or exerting yourself. Maintaining your lips together encourages nasal breathing which keeps you from over-breathing.

Improve your cardiovascular endurance by keeping your lips together during any physical activity.

When we inhale oxygen goes into the bloodstream and the body gets rid of carbon dioxide when we exhale. This exchange occurs automatically. We assume that our bodies know how much oxygen we need, but that is not the case. Just like we don’t feel thirsty when we are dehydrated. Carbon dioxide is vital in determining how much oxygen goes into the bloodstream. We find ourselves gasping for air, when we exercising, but more oxygen is not what our bodies need, it’s carbon dioxide your body needs to release the oxygen you already have so your brain can function effectively. Gasping for air is not what your body needs but it needs to breathe more calmly.

Lips Together Improves Endurance

Snoring at night creates the habit of breathing through your mouth during the day and your carbon dioxide receptors can become oversensitive. Lowering the tolerance and triggering frequent urges to sigh, breathe deeply or gasp for air that your body doesn’t really need. Exert from Patrick McKeown

Mouth guards or night guards do not seal the lips together ask your dental professional to adjust the guards to help encourage lip seal.

Over-breathing is bad health. Breathing correctly can lose weight, improve your love life, and improve sleep.

Promoting Lip Seal is one of Myo Oral Health’s educational encouragements. Contact me at for your Free 30-minute Assessment.

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