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Who Benefits Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Who is the most at risk for Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy? Any age! Many of the orofacial myology needs are overlooked as infants, teens, and adults. Treatment earlier in life the better for optimal results. Identifying functional needs before they develop into deeper health ailments. Infancy is best to identify any difficulty breastfeeding. Many adult clients had troubles breastfeeding, latching, blisters, painful for mom. Their tongue tie was overlooked as being insignificant and not addressed. Now as an adult they experience digestive issues, grinding teeth, clenching, snoring, headaches, allergies, anxiety, terrible sleeper, mouth breathing, orthodontic relapsing, loud swallowing, hypotonia facial muscles to name a few mild affects of improper orofacial muscle function.

Children grow rapidly, most myofunctional disorders can be corrected before other ailments set it! It's important to make sure the muscles around the face and jaw are working properly. Common issues seen in children include:

-Forward Head Posture

-Crooked and crowded mouth, teeth don't come together when bite.

-Food Aversions

-Altered Speech

-Chew Food One Side

-Tongue Thrusting, tongue comes forward when swallowing and engages muscles of cheeks and lips.

-Bed Wetting

-Mouth Breathing


Any age can benefit from Myofunctional Therapy! An individualized treatment plan is guided specific for your needs. Contact me today for your FREE 30-minute Assessment!

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