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Pacifier Good or Bad?

Are pacifier bad for your child? As a parent you determine what is best for your child. Use of a pacifier increases myofunctional disorders as they grow and develop their muscular and skeletal patterns. Costly orthodontic treatment as well will be in the future. The sucking motion developed by pacifier use initiates a life long pattern as muscle and skeletal development begins. The long term use of a pacifier depends on the length of time spent in the child's mouth and the intensity of the sucking when it's in their mouth. If a child uses it short term, few minutes no big deal. But when the child is constantly given the pacifier as a distraction to constantly calm and soothe the child their will be oral disorders.

Pacifier, thumb or any finger that is used to soothe the child are difficult habits to break. You have to look at the reason for the use of these soothing aides. Why do some need pacifiers and some do not? Let's look at the cause, what is occurring in the mouth. The tongue is a huge part of early cranial development. When the tongue is functioning properly creating swallowing that is healthy there is no need for other aides to soothe the baby. The tongue will naturally rest in the palate, high in their mouth. The tongue placement in the palate acts as a retainer, encouraging maxillary growth to shape the palate, arch of the top jaw. Check their mouth, is it open or closed when resting? Lips need to be sealed all the time. If the infant is physically unable to lift the tongue to the palate, swallowing is altered, digestive issues begin, and the snowball effect on their health begins. (click here to learn more about tongue tie)

This happens if there is restriction known as tongue tie, professional term ankyloglossia. The tongue low in the mouth toward the bottom will keep the lips open, the jaw will develop more narrow and crowding of teeth during eruption will be more common. Early in infancy if the baby is not latching, constant use of pacifier, projectile vomiting, gas, sore breast/nipples from nursing have the baby evaluated by orofacial myofunctional therapist ASAP. Earlier the tongue tie is found the better results for correction. However, it is never too late to have a tongue tie treated. Multiple age experienced clients have shared with me they wish their tongue tie was treated earlier!!

If you or someone you know has signs of a tongue tie, please contact me for my FREE 30 minute consult! Let me Help You Be A Healthier You!

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