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Online Myofunctional Therapy

Since 2017 I have been involved with Washington State Telehealth Collaborative. We implemented telehealth models to State lawmakers in order to provide our communities valuable services. It made sense to me as a myofunctional therapist to use this platform for my practice. Not only does telehealth make your commuting time zero, it also saves you money! Since I don't have the overhead of an office, I can offer affordable rates to my clients. This make appointments easy, convenient, and comfortable right from your own mobile device.

My clients live in multiple time zones. Currently I am flexible to make these appointments work to benefit my clients who join my therapy program.

How does online myofunctional therapy work? It is really easy. After signing up for my FREE 30 minute consult I email you link to your private meeting. Before the meeting click the link and join for the one time or download it for free to your device. This platform is compatible with mobile devices of all brands.

How do I get my toddler to sit through a session online? My program is developed for all ages, infants to experienced adults. Individualized program is specific for your needs. My mini myo program for infants to toddlers is parent based. I make it fun and easy for the younger clients. It is really easy and convenient meeting with parents to guide them through this process with their toddler. The sooner you address orofacial myofunctional disorders the easier it is to retrain your muscle memory and develop healthy functional habits.

Contact me today for your FREE 30 minute consult to see how you can benefit from my online myofunctional therapy program! Looking forward to meeting you soon!!

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