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Myo Mini for Youngsters

How can myofunctional therapy work for my little ones? My programs are designed specifically for each individual client needs. My clients age from newborn to mature adult. Any age benefits from myofunctional therapy, especially during development years. Why do providers want to post pone tongue ties and myofunctional therapy until older? Because they are not comfortable working with that age! Get the help your youngster needs by a qualified experienced provider, like myself, that is comfortable working with children. How does it make sense for a 2 year old whose cranial structure is developing, teeth erupting, to not have their tongue restriction corrected? Why wait until the bones have calcified and developed and have expensive orthodontic treatment or surgical intervention. Why is age so important? The sooner the better to get the tongue to the correct spot. If the tongue is physically restricted and unable to reach the palate, the cranial structure will develop collapsed, narrow, small, recessed chin, crooked or crowded teeth. The tongue is our bodies natural retainer. Getting the tongue in the palate is key to cranial development.

Success my clients have seen at young ages is invaluable! Addressing the root cause to how teeth and bone are developing is key to prevent airway problems in the future.

If you see lips open, tongue between lips when child is awake or asleep seek myofunctional therapist consult.

Here are some other signs to look for in children:

Picky eating-food & texture aversions

Choking, vomiting, gagging foods or liquids

Food falling out mouth, use fingers to move around in mouth, pocketing food, trapped gums or cheeks

Migraines & Headaches

Behavior Issues, ADD or ADHD

School Difficulty


Night Terrors (restless sleep)Bedwetting until tweens

Increased dental oral health issues, cavities, bad breath

Mouth Breathing

Venous Pooling (dark circles under eyes)


Strained swallowing (noises, if you can see the swallow)Grinding (flat teeth)

Speech Problems

Tongue Thrust

If you see these signs please contact me to help your child get the medical care they need to improve their health!

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