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Full Myofunctional Evaluation, Why? mouth breathing, myofunctional therapy, snoring, tmj, tongue tie

How do I get started with myofunctional therapy? It’s easy, first we identify your need for your therapy and how we will implement your care. This is done by completing a full evaluation. During the evaluation we plan therapy that best fits your needs. Why do I have to pay for a full myofunctional evaluation when I know I need myofunctional therapy? The first step to have success with each individual is to fully understand what is the cause of orofacial myofunctional disorders and how to best improve them. Since everyone is unique, my full evaluation identifies the severity and areas to focus for the best outcomes. All my clients are online using a telehealth platform. Easy, comfortable, and convenient!

Comprehensive Full Myofunctional Evaluation covers:

  • Early Childhood

  • Past/Present Airway

  • Mouth Resting Posture

  • Tongue Position

  • Digestive Concerns

  • Swallowing

  • Restricted Lingual Frenulum

  • Past/Present Non-Nutritive Sucking Habits

  • Dental Concerns (orthodontics, periodontal, cavities)

  • Speech Therapy

  • Facial Structure

  • Sleep

  • Head and Neck Posture


Points are assigned to every topic, this identifies the severity and best therapeutic care for each individual.

Why so Many Details?

There are 4 main goals to myofunctional therapy. Identifying how to reach these goals for each client gets the best results. The 4 goals are lips sealed all the time, nasal breathing all the time, tongue on the correct resting spot all the time, and proper swallowing. We meet these goals we know the improvement from what we identified in the full evaluation!

I’m Unsure About My Need for Myofunctional Therapy?

As a bonus to clients who are unsure if they need myofunctional therapy or if they will benefit from therapy I offer FREE 30-minute consult to address your concerns! No risk No obligation to treatment! Schedule this ASAP as these spots fill up quickly!

What’s After Full Evaluation?

At the end of your Full Evaluation a treatment plan is proposed with treatment cost. Once accept treatment paperwork and a kit are sent to you. Pre-treatment pictures are crucial to follow progress of therapy. Ready to schedule your first session! Super easy and convenient from the comfort of your mobile device!

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