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Happy With How Your Teeth Look?

Crooked teeth, crowded teeth, teeth that have shifted as an adult? Have you had braces and now your teeth have changed, relapsed back to how they were before braces? What is the cause? Even wearing a retainer the teeth shift, what is happening? The mighty forces of nature are having the same effects as braces. Braces align teeth with small, constant pressure manipulated by an orthodontist gets beautiful results. However, what caused the teeth to be crowded, crooked in the first place? Muscles engaging during a swallow will put small, constant pressure on teeth and force them shift also. Swallowing happens 400-500 times a day, something we do without thinking. However when our swallowing pattern has evolved and engages lips, throat, cheeks, and tongue thrust teeth will shift!

How do I know if my swallow is irregular? As an orofacial myofunctional therapist, my training and education focuses specifically on the function of these muscles. A full evaluation identifies exactly the root cause of why the swallow is deviated. Then an individualized treatment plan is created to focus on your specific needs. The therapy is focused on retraining the muscle memory and creating a new muscle pattern that is natural, healthy, and benefits the cranial structure to function as nature intended. All therapy is done at your convenient location, online! Telehealth is easy, affordable, and from the comfort of your mobile device!

Collaboration with your provider is maintained throughout therapy.

Contact me today for your FREE CONSULTATION and see how Myo Oral Health can benefit your health! Helping You Be A Healthier You

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