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Tape Mouth Sleep Better

Tape mouth at night improves sleep

Mouth tape at night changed my health! As 40 approached, my normal sleep became irregular, waking up and using the bathroom became more frequent. Snoring woke me up, I thought it was my husband, but it was me! Dry mouth in the morning, tired during the day. Justifying I was just getting older, until myofunctional therapy.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy identifies barriers for proper muscle movement. Depending on each individual I remediate, refer, and repattern muscles that are not conducive to movement. For myself I identified my sleep disorder breathing before it became a CPAP machine 20 years from now! I was on the same path as my mom if I didn't change my habits. First identifying the root cause then repatterning muscle movements. For me I didn't think I had a problem, it was my son (lip picture, can you see his low resting tongue?) He would snore, swallow loudly, mouth breathe, venous pooling (dark circles under eyes), braces, cardio endurance was quick and short, to name a few signs. Taping improved his health, he was taping I could too!

Four goals of myofunctional therapy changed my life!

1. Nasal Breathing

2. Lip Sealed

3. Tongue on Spot

4. Swallowing Correctly

When we sleep and relax our muscles relax too. When the tongue is not in the proper spot it relaxes to the back of your airway causing your body to go into a fight/flight mode. Not only is your body reacting to the lack of oxygen, but your body is also trying to open your airway. That is why we snore, cough, dry mouth, restless sleep, toss and turn, grinding teeth, congested in morning, sore jaw, and headaches. We wake up from our sound sleep with the need to use the bathroom. These are just a few of the reasons my family began to tape our mouth at night. Since taping my mouth, once I lay down I don't wake up until my alarm goes off in the morning. My life has changed thanks to taping at night! My son is not congested in the morning and his physical endurance for sports has improved due to changing his mouth breathing. Find the root cause of your orofacial disorder and improve your long term health! Contact me for your FREE 30 minute consult.

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