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Pregnancy Sleep Quality

If you know a pregnant lady or are pregnant yourself, has your doctor discussed Respiratory Wellness? Respiratory wellness is how your breathing affects your baby growth and development in utero and beyond in life. Are you snoring? Smoking? Grinding teeth? Restless sleeping? Lack of oxygen to the baby during development triggers babies growth and development. Orofacial myofunctional disorders impact not only your wellness and health but your babies too. Address any of these sleeping issues with Marie so she can identify barriers to proper muscle movement, remediate, and refer to a provider that will benefit you the most in your respiratory health! Sleep appliances put a band-aide on the root cause. Addressing muscle engagement and function will improve AHI numbers (AHI number apnea's have during sleep). Not only are appliance costly, they put your jaw into unnatural position leaving you with jaw pain!! When I asked sleep appliance providers about increased jaw pain their reply was, yeah you trade poor sleep for a sore jaw....really?! Let me HELP YOU BE A HEALTHIER YOU!! FREE 30 minute consult, click here!!

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