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Breastfeeding Pain, Look at Myo-function

Painful breastfeeding is NOT normal. Breastfeeding is normal and nature intended for many reasons to be instrumental in development. The functional part of breastfeeding will be addressed. As a myofunctional specialist I evaluate functions of the orofacial muscles and how they are engaging in actions. If the muscles are functioning normally, compensating, or dysfunctional then I make suggestions to the client for the best outcomes. Breastfeeding is one of these functions the orofacial muscles participate. Identifying myofunctional dysfunctions early in life is best outcome for long term health. Don't give up, help is here!!

Collaboration with multiple disciplines is key to client success. My team of professional all want best outcomes for everyone. Nursing is biologically normal besides breathing. If can't, then it's NOT normal. Addressing common symptoms for mom and baby.

MOM SYMPTOMS all these indicate poor latching, poor stability, physiological impairments that can be related to tethered oral tissue.

Painful breastfeeding, nipple tissue

Engorgement, clogged ducts, blebs, mastitis

Oversupply/Under supply

Change shape nipple, bruised, bleed, creased

Nipple trauma crack, redness, vasospasum

Premature weening


Difficulty latching

Difficulty staying latched, slipping on/off breast

Milk leakage sides mouth during nursing

Clicking sounds or loss suction

"Hard" swallows

Biting motion

Working hard uncoordinated suck, swallow, breathe

Gagging, coughing

Very long nurse sessions, fall asleep nursing, wakes up as soon as put down. aka "round the clock nursing" or "never full"

I offer online consultations, please email me and let me help you be a healthier you and your baby!

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