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Congested? No Medicine Remedy

Various times of year bring on congestion and nasal breathing stops and mouth breathing begins. Whether it is from a cold or allergies mouth breathing is not what nature intended. Since myofunctional training I have not once been congested and I am allergic to cleaning, pets, and my town. Once I realized I was a mouth breather under my clinical mask it took me changing my habits to become healthy. I had myofunctional disorders that I did not even realized, it became everyday habits slowly overtime that took control of my health. Breaking them has been challenging but worth every step!

There are four goals to myofunctional therapy. Nasal breathing is one, Lips Sealed all the time, Tongue on the Spot resting all the time and correct Swallowing. Mouth breathing tends to increase the congestion and it becomes a never ending battle. I instruct my congested clients on many holistic approaches to relieving their congestion, but this one is the best! Let me share this with you and see if how quickly you get nasal breathing again.

NASAL UNBLOCKING EXERCISE courtesy Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

Begin by clearing your nose from excessive mucous, blow into tissue and begin breathing normally with nose.

Breathing nasally, on your exhale pinch your nose with your fingers.

As you are holding your breathe walk around the room taking steps at a normal pace of walking. Release your fingers before you feel like you are gulping for air or gasp to inhale through your nose. You are resetting your breathing to open up nasal passage. Keep your lips closed and take a few breathes and repeat. The first time it may take 5 repeats to get the nose unblocked. I am amazed at how well this has worked for myself and my family.

Resuming nasal breathing is crucial for your maximum health! Try this out and let me know how it worked for you!

If you have more questions on mouth breathing and how to improve your health contact me for your FREE 30 minute Consult!

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