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This picture says it all! Super excited mom posted her joy on facebook! Mom came to me concerned about her children's myofunctional disorders. As an IBCLC she learned about myofunctional disroders and was seeking answers. This one presented at his evaluation with a recently self lacerating lip frenectomy (screen door), low resting position of tongue (refers to where his tongue is most comfortable behind his front lower teeth), tongue thrust, tongue tie (aka ankloglossia), mouth breather, restless sleeper, trouble focusing in school, falling asleep in class, thumbsucker until 4, born 29 weeks, CPAP after birth and tubed, history ear infections and tubes.

We began by addressing the restriction of his tongue and moved forward with retraining muscle memory that became habitual improper muscle movements. Referral to surgeon for release and another provider who addressed airway health.

Oral development of tongue movement starts in utero and any physical limitation due to lip or tongue ties alter our muscle function and learning patterns. Not only did he have physical restrictions he also developed a tongue thrust swallowing pattern due to early intervention with tubes, bottle feeding, and thumbsucking.

As a myofunctional specialist collaborative team approach is best for clients optimal health. When the tongue is free to move how nature intended our health improves. As he began to engage muscles correctly he gained muscle tone in his cheeks. The tongue on SPOT in proper resting position and correct swallowing allows for tooth eruption to fall into place correctly and no large gaps or crowding.

Everyone is unique in their journey to improved health. Let me Help You Be A Healthier You! Click here to email me for your FREE 30 minute assessment to see if I can help you!

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This information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is being provided to you to educate you about oromyofunctional health and as a self-help tool for your own use. It is not medical advice. This information is to be used at your own risk based on your own judgement. For my full disclaimer, please go to

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