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Signs Myofunctional Disorder

So much of our health is affected by proper tongue position. Many of my clients have multiple signs, (listed above) and once the myofunctional disorder has been identified improvements on their overall health begins with treatment. Once you begin to connect the dots of root cause many answers are found. As a myofunctional therapist with a background as dental hygienist there are so many signs we miss unless we have additional training in myofunctional therapy. For example a tongue with scalloped border in school we learn is is idiopathic and insignificant. However it is a sign the tongue

is resting down low in the bottom of the mouth. This is not where we need the tongue to be. Instead the tongue resting position is up high in the palate resting in the top of mouth fully from the tongue tip to the back. Scalloping along border of the tongue usually is grinding and clenching teeth wearing a night guard. Even having a night guard the grinding is continuing. So the teeth are no longer wearing down, your night guard is. But what about fixing the root cause. The tongue resting in the palate will stop the grinding and stop the pain. It is a domino affect of your health! ROOT CAUSE identify and therapuetically thru retraining muscle movement the tongue will successfully rest in the top of the mouth where it is meant to be. This will stop the grinding, no more scalloping of the tongue, no more jaw pain. This is just one of the signs, mentioned above, that is reversed by retraining the tongue position in the mouth.

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