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Tongue Tied?

Children who are tongue tied usually have parents that are tongue tied, genetics. If your baby has tongue tied, both parents should be evaluated for function of their tongue by a myofunctional therapist, like myself. A tongue tie (ankloglossia is dental term) refers to a physical restriction of the tongue movement. Frenulum is tissue under the tongue that connects the tongue to floor of the mouth. Some people this frenulum is shorter and visible in others it is long enough and causes no problem with movements of the tongue. The tip of the tongue should be able to touch behind the front two top teeth when mouth is open wide. One physical identifier is when a heart shape tip appears on the tongue. There are many signs and symptoms of tongue ties and varies in children and adults:

Enuresis/ Bed Wetting until teen

​Sleep Apnea

TMJ or clicking in the Jaw

Grinding Teeth

Headaches & Migraines

Neck, Back, & Facial Pain

Digestive Issues

Allergies & Sinus Issues

Cavities & Gum Disease (Periodontal Infection)

Choking on Liquids

Food Trapped

Food Texture Sensitivity

Speech Difficulties

Pain or Discomfort Kissing

Bladder Issues

Anxiety or High Strung

Pictured above shows just one view of before and after range of motion for a tongue tied case. For your free 30 minute consult email me at or online go to my calendar!

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