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Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing begins with congestion, to make you feel like you can breathe you open your mouth since your nose is blocked. However the more you allow mouth breathing to occur the more congestion you have. Your body needs to have oxygen to live. Your body will naturally unblock the nose, if you let yourself trust your body. Unless there is a physical blockage that needs ENT (ear nose throat) doctor your congestion will improve with a simple breathing exercise.

Mouth breathing causes low tongue posture, malocclusion (bad bite in dental lingo), and alters growth and development of facial structure.

Picture on the right is from Patrick McKeown book Oxygen Advantage. If you can retrain your facial muscles to close your lips, put tongue on the spot, nasal breathe and look like a rock star why wouldn't you! It's a win for health if nothing else!

Mouth breathing increases respiratory infections, incidence asthma, and allergies. Who want to live with chronic congestion and misery?

As easy as it appears to just stop mouth breathing and nasal breathe it can be very challenging. That is where I come in as myofucntional specialist. Contact me for your free 30 minute consult to see if myofunctional disorder is causing your mouth breathing!

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