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How's My Airway?

As a dental consumer/patient, what if your office isn't discussing your airway, then what? You begin the conversation and ask!

This is part 2 from last weeks blog, See It Say It, focused on dental professionals having conversation with patients and asking questions. But what if you are a consumer and want to know about your airway and your hygienist isn't telling you about yours? That is great! Start the conversation with your hygienist. Airway currently is being discussed so chances are they have heard about it but are not comfortable yet discussing it. Many new topics were brought to my attention by patients who saw a commercial or read and article about the latest research. It got me looking into it more and following up.

These questions are a starting point for children or adults to answer. If there are mutliple YES seek myofunctional specialist, like myself, to guide you in finding the root cause.

Also I offer free 30 minute consultation to see if you can benefit from orofacial myofunctional exercises.

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