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Pain Free Breastfeeding

Painful breastfeeding? Gassy baby? Get full evaluation of tongue function! Many times after providers assist breastfeeding moms, there is still no resolution and mom is suffering and stressed eventually giving up on breastfeeding. Please know not all providers are looking at function of the tongue specifically. This is key to resolving many latching challenges that affect the mom and baby dyad. Specialized providers are very beneficial in helping moms breast feed successfully, I support these providers and their profession. However as an Orofacial Myofunctional Specialist I evaluate specific functions of muscles around the face, cheeks, neck, that make a successful suck swallow breathe. This is critical to have a successful experience, don't give up moms, find provider that looks at function and limitations of muscle movement.

It's a huge win and makes my heart swell when mom calls after following up with referrals made and modalities followed to gain the breastfeeding win of no pain, no longer feeling baby fill with gas during nursing, no more interrupted sleep, no more explosive spit ups, a feeling of relief after not getting results elsewhere.

By the way tongue ties, restrictions of the tongue function are hereditary, get yourself and your partner evaluated too. Email me for your quick assessment questionnaire.

Ask questions, get results! Helping You Be A Healthier You!

Contact me today with any questions!

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