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Nite Guard = Band Aide

Have a Dental Nite Guard? How often are you replacing it? Why are you wearing it? Do you have flat teeth? Why do you grind? What is the root cause of grinding and wear on your teeth? What is happening at night that makes your jaw take on so much pressure? Have you asked your dentist why this is happening? Stress, probably was their answer. Did you know the location of where your tongue rests directly affects your grinding, clenching, and quality of sleep!

Lets look at where your tongue is most of the day. Where does your tongue rest comfortably in your mouth? Is it in the bottom of your mouth below your bottom teeth or resting between the teeth or up high filling the top of your mouth with your tongue? When the tongue rests up high in the palate the muscles around your face and mouth are engaged fully. This is the correct resting spot for your tongue. When the tongue does not rest in the top of the mouth, it is a weak muscle with low muscle tone. Your tongue at night is low in the mouth, relaxing and dropping back down into your airway, blocking your oxygen from going to your brain! Our bodies are amazing and will try to open up the airway so you can live. To open the airway your body goes into a fight and flight mode avoiding the deep REM needed to rejuvenate. When your body is trying to survive it will clench the jaw, grind, snore, cough, toss and turn in order to survive. Fix the root cause of the tongue position and the body will no longer grind, clench, snore, or have restless sleep. This goes for kids as well as adults!

Let me see what your tongue function is and let me Help You Be A Healthier You with a good night sleep!

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